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50 Online Local Business Directories

Google Bing Yahoo! Yelp Facebook Better Business Bureau Angie's List Merchant Circle LinkedIn Whitepages Yellowbook CitySearch MapQuest/Yext Foursquare CitySlick Dex Media TeleAtlas Discover Our Town EZ...

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Top 5 Ways To Get More Clients Online

Craigslist - It's free and easy - Just Do It! Anytime you can list your business services for free to an audience that's as large as Craigslist's is, and you don't, that's just not smart - to put it nicely. Newsletters / Email Marketing - It's Almost Free and It's The...

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Easy Cloud Backups with

After using a typical backup service with my previous Microsoft based laptop, I purchased a Macbook for the first time. I have to admit that although I had said many times that I would never spend that much money on a computer, I am glad I did. There are many things...

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How To Get Free / Low Cost Advertising on LinkedIn

LInkedIn Ads would, on the surface, appear to be one of the best advertising options for business to business, and that might be so with some business verticals or larger corporations. The one drawback that I have seen is that they appear to have artificially set...

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Do It Now

The year is almost half over! It's time to ask yourself if you are achieving your goals for this year. Are you? Did you implement any new lead strategies? Are you focusing on building out your circle of influence and contacts? That bi-monthly newsletter -- Do you have...

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(Online) Sales Is A Numbers Game

The classic sales funnel that we have all seen many times in our business lives with the top being focused on driving traffic to your website, email or phone.  Now, the question is what are you doing regularly to keep your sales funnel full? ... With, or without the...

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Where To Advertise Online … For FREE

There isn't much that is truly free today - but the Internet offers a lot of places to put your company's message out there - for free. The catch is that it will take some time, but considering the amount of time we all waste each day staring at Facebook posts, it's a...

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What Is your Brand?

When your clients or your business associates think about your business or services, what is the mental image they immediately have? Is it: An image of what you do? Who you work for? Who you are personally? The industry you work in? A mental picture of you? Your last...

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